Balloon Pop Relay Race
Balloon Pop Relay Race

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Relay Race for Physical Education Class

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

It's field-day time in many schools. Here's a fun relay event that makes lots of noise and allows your students to break something. Sounds like fun to me, so I think they'll like it to!

Use a standard shuttle relay setup, in which students line up in teams, take turns run to a pylon, and return to the starting line. If you have chairs handy, you can put one at the start of each team's line (chairs are optional, though). Before the race begins, give each student a balloon to blow up.

How to Play
The object of the race is for students to run to the pylon while bouncing a balloon in the air. When they return to their starting point they must break the balloon by sitting on it. The next in line cannot begin running until their teammate's balloon breaks.

The first team to break all their balloons wins the race.

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