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"I am so glad that I discovered the PE Update website. I use it all the time to find new games and drills and to print off certificates for my students. I like how the writers are constantly looking for new items in a variety of sports. Keep up the great work."

Michelle Gaus, Windsor, Ontario

"What a great resource. There was so much information available that I hardly knew where to start!"

Thomas Bromby, PE student, McGill University, Montreal

"I felt I was part of this PE community the moment I logged on and responded to a question in the forum. Almost immediately my response was answered and I received an email telling me so.?

Jamie Graper, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

"PE Update is just what I need here in South Africa to help me be up-to-date, a few jumps ahead and at the cutting edge of new ideas for P.E."?David Flax P.E. Teacher, Orange Grove, South Africa
"PE Update has been a wonderful resource for me. I appreciate the downloads, updated information, and activities that I can get from this program. Keep the info coming!"?

Melissa, Elementary PE Teacher & Basketball Coach

"This is my 35th year of teaching nothing but phys ed. I still really enjoy getting PE Update because there are always some new ideas and games shown that I can use with my students. Keep up the good effort."?

Dave Allin, , Queen Elizabeth Public School, Chatham, Ontario

"PE Update" continues to provide the latest information in a variety of areas: teaching, coaching, recreation and leisure activities, research, sports medicine - you name it. I continue to refer this comprehensive resource to anyone working in education or in the sporting field."

Fran Holt, retired PE teacher and current McGill University Supervisor of PE students.

"I'd just like to say thank you for your great ideas and newsletter freebies.  The shopping mall fundraiser is a fabulous idea.  I can't wait to see what my kids, principal, governing board and local mall have to say in response to it!  Cheers!"

Shelly Sharp, PE teacher, Montreal QC

"I am thrilled that I found PE Update.  I am extremely concerned about the future of this generation of kids and those to come.  The lifestyle of video games and poor nutrition are turning our kids into overweight couch potatoes, more than ever.  I am always searching for the lastest ideas that are FUN for PE , and this website has it all plus the education to back it up.  Thanks for being my new teaching partner!!! "

Karen Dunfee, Hedges Elementary, Kalispell, Montana

"It's quick and easy to find new sport specific drills and fun games to provide variety in my PE classes. The videos are a great resource that I often use when checking up on form or technique. From downloadable tracking sheets to tips on team building, the ideas on PE Update allow me to spend more time doing fun hands-on teaching."

Elizabeth Forbes, Physical & Health Education Teacher, The Linden School, Toronto

"PE Update.com has been an invaluable resource for my middle school cross country program. It has provided many ideas which I have incorporated into my workouts. I especially enjoy the suggestions for games and detailed tips on form."

Jim Whiting, Bainbridge Blazers XC Club head coach, Bainbridge Island, WA

"PE Update has been a great resource in helping me stay up-to-date and give fresh ideas to my units.  It is an easy place to navigate and has such a wide range of topics, that there is always something new for me to discover and use every month.  Keep the articles coming! "

C. McDonald, PE teacher and basketball coach

"I enjoy reading PE Update.  I have used several activities in my elementary PE classes and many of the  articles to helped  me with my personal fitness and physical activities.  You get a good bang for your buck with PE Update."

 Kathie Chmura, PE Teacher, Alexandria VA

 I love your site!  Being the PE department head I have found this site to be very informative and up to date with the latest trends and games.  It's great to be able to pass these ideas along to my colleagues. The information on this site will interest coaches and teachers, but I have passed on information related to sports injuries and training tips to parents and students.  Very informative!

Jamie  Graper, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

“I have been a member of PE Update.com for many years and I find it a very fascinating resource.  I can't wait for the next issue, so I can try some of the ideas that are offered in the latest version of website.  The website is very user friendly, and the emails are very timely.  Thank you for extending this as a resource for PE teachers across the country.”

Vince Spila, PE Teacher, Bonnyville, Alberta

It took me a while to decide to subscribe since there was a cost involved and we all look for whatever free resources we can get.  Teaching P.E. in a public school isn't exactly what one would call lucrative but it is rewarding.  I can say that PE Update is one of the best if not the best resource I have found for PE ideas as well as a great resource for coaching information. Keep up the great work.

Brad Cooley, PE Teacher Pulaski County Elementary School