About this Site

About the Physical Education Update Website

Are you a physical educator who would love to stay up-to-date, but doesn't have the time to wade through the thousands of websites,books, journals, videos, DVD's and clinics that are available?

If so, Physical Education Update.com is for you!

We'll provide you with the latest practical physical education information, covering over 40 related topics. Article abstracts, search engines, condensed article formats and instructional videos make it easy to skim, read and understand.

The Fun Stuff for Physical Education Newsletter will keep you informed about new additions to the site, and the Physical Education Update Blog will provide editor opinions on sports and physical education issues. You'll have access to over 2100 practical articles - every one searchable, easy-to-read and illustrated, with many containing instruction video.

These downloadable pdf articles can be printed or emailed to athletes, students and physical education colleagues, saving you loads of explanation time.

Finally, you'll be able to meet, keep in touch with and ask questions of physical education colleagues from around the world, using the physical educators discussion forum!

PE Update truly is the must-have resource for anyone in the physical education profession.

Dick Moss, Editor