Summary of Features

Summary of Website Features

Here is a quick summary of the features available on the Physical Education Update website.

The links to all departments are in the left navigation bar, and/or the upper navigation bar.

Here's a brief explanation of each department. I hope you enjoy Physical Education Update!


• General Physical Education Topics
General PE topics, like health, fitness, strength etc.
• Sport-Specific Topics
Information on teaching specific sports.
• Archives
Browse pdf articles, or search for every article (including web & video format).
• Video Instruction
Contains articles that provide video demonstrations in addition to written instruction.
• PE Update Blog
The editor's weekly blog, containing opinion and news on sports & physical education topics.
• Discussion Forum
Meet, greet and request information from PE colleagues from around the world.
• Most Popular
The Physical Education Update articles that have been requested and read most often
• Fun Stuff Newsletters
Back issues of the bi-weekly Fun "Stuff for Physical Education" newsletter.


• Index of Recent Articles
A list of recently published articles on PE Update, from most recent to oldest. The list does not count the 1800 pdf articles from PE Digest (see the "Downloads" section for them). For a complete list of every article available, go to the "Archives" section.
• Contact Us
Want to email, phone or fax or snail-mail us? Get the contact information here .
• Help
Lost your password? Having other problems with the website? Click here to get the answers.
• Links
Dozens of links, selected for their instructional content.
• Site Map
View every department on the site, organized in an easy to understand manner.
• Tell a Friend
Do you have a friend or colleague who would benefit from PE Update? Click here to send them a friendly message (You can't link from here - you must go to main page).
• Text Size
Are you blind as a bat, like your editor? Click on this link to make the text larger.
• Your Account
Make changes to your address, password, username or credit card information. Cancel your subscription, view your transaction history or read the PE Update terms of use.