Non-Elimination Simon Says- Uses Two 
Groups Playing Simultaneously
Non-Elimination Simon Says- Uses Two Groups Playing Simultaneously

Games: Non-Elimination Simon Says for Physical Education Class

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

Simon Says is a fun game for younger physical education students, and it can be easily turned into a fitness game by requiring participants to perform fitness actitvities when "Simon" gives an instruction.

Examples might include jogging on the spot, stretches, bouncing, high knee walking, crunches, the grapevine or other aerobics moves, etc.

Simon Says Rules
Here's a quick review of the game. Students must follow your instructions whenever you begin with the words, "Simon says." For example, "Simon says, jump up and down." However, if you don't start with "Simon says" they should ignore your instructions.

Run through a series of "Simon says" tasks, then eventually give an instruction without the "Simon says" preface. Any student who performs that task is out of the game. Continue with more "Simon says" instructions. The last student in the game is the winner.

Making Simon Says Non-Elimination
The main criticism of Simon Says is that it's an elimination game. However you can easily make it non-elimination. Just form two groups, and whenever students are tricked, they transfer to the other group and join in immediately. Nobody actually wins, you simply play for a set time.

Reference: "Non-Elimination Simon Says."

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