A Rocket Shuttle Relay
A Rocket Shuttle Relay

Games: Rocket Shuttle Relay Race

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education Update.com

A Rocket Shuttle is a relay race that develops teamwork and requires team members to become, quite literally, very close. It's appropriate for classes and school field days.

How to Play
Divide your class into teams of three or four and line them up on one side of the gym or playing field. Each team receives a hula hoop.

On your whistle, the first member on each team steps into their hoop, holds it at waist level, then runs to the other side of the gym and back.

When the first runner returns, teammate number two steps into the hoop and together, the two teammates run back across the gym. Then the third member gets into the loop until finally, all four teammates are inside the hoop shuffling as fast as possible back and forth across the gym.

The first team to stuff every member into the hoop and return to the start line is the winner.

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