A Skateboard & Plunger Racer
A Skateboard & Plunger Racer

Games: Skateboard and Plunger Relays

If you're looking for a fun game for a class or field day, try Plunger and Skateboard relays.

Setup and Play
You'll need several skateboards or roller boards, and a pair of toilet plungers per board. Toilet plungers can be purchased for just a few dollars at discount stores.

Divide your class into teams and provide a board and plungers for each team.

Then, in your gym or on a flat surface, hold a relay race in which the participants sit on a board and propel themselves down the court by pushing with the toilet plungers.

Each student races to the end of the gym, turns around and returns to their team, where the next teammate takes over. The first team to have every player complete the course wins the race.

It's a fun relay because it isn't easy to steer the boards, so the racers may end up bumping each other, falling off their boards or weaving down the floor.

It's also good because the students who are the fastest runners and normally the best at relays, may not necessarily be the fastest board pushers. In fact, it may be larger kids with good upper body strength who excel at this relay -- so it gives those students the chance to be a hero for a change.

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