Games (Video): Catch the Cane Game for Physical Education Classes

Games (Video): Catch the Cane Game
for Physical Education Classes

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

Catch the Cane is a traditional camp game with an added fitness component. The only equipment you need is a broomstick, cane or stick of some sort.

The player who is "It" stands in the middle of a circle of classmates. "It" holds the broomstick on end by supporting the top of the stick with a fingertip. The classmates stand at least an arm-length apart so they can move and perform exercises.

The classmates count up so that each has a number that they must remember.

How to Play
Indicate an exercise that the players in the circle must perform. For example, hopping, shuffling sideways, high knee lifts, jogging. Allow the players to exercise for a while, then point at the "It," who shouts out a number then lifts his finger from the broomstick.

The player whose name was called must rush to catch the broomstick before it hits the ground. If she does, she is the new "It." If not, she takes her place back in the circle and a new round begins.

As play progresses, players in the circle can move back to make it more difficult to catch the cane.

To see a demonstration of the
Catch the Cane game, watch the video below:

Reference: Summer Camp Resources>Active Games>Catch the Cane. Camp, 2006.

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