Running With a Leaking Cup
Running With a Leaking Cup

Games - Leaking Cup Relay

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education Update

A leaking cup relay is a super activity for hot or rainy days, with students who are wearing gym gear and don't mind getting wet. It's also an appropriate activity for the shallow end of a swimming pool.

Break your class into teams and give each team a bucket filled with water, an empty bucket, and a disposable cup with a hole punched out of the bottom.

How to Play
The first student on each team fills a cup from the bucket. On your signal, they run the cup around a course, returning to their group, where they pour the water into their empty bucket.

The fun part is that they must hold the cup over their head as they run, so they are leaking water on themselves. They pass the cup to the next teammate in line, who fills it up and runs the course.

The first team to fill their bucket wins the race.


• If your students whine about getting wet, you can change the rules so they hold the cup in front of themselves.

• If you play in a pool, you can make this a shuttle relay across the shallow end of the pool. There's no need to fill a bucket--the first team to get their final student back to the finish line wins.

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