Four Kings Tag
Four Kings Tag

Games: Four Kings Tag

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

Four Kings is a tag variation you can play in the gym or outdoors. In fact, the larger the playing area, the better the game is and the more exercise your students will get.

How to Play
Select four students to be "Kings" and give each a differently-coloured pinnie to represent their kingdom. Pile more pinnies of each colour in the center of the field.

On your signal, the kings attempt to tag other students. Any students who are tagged become that king's knight and must run to the center of the field to put on a pinnie of the same colour as their king. The knights then also attempt to tag other players on behalf of their kingdom.

Play for a certain amount of time or until all players have been tagged. The king who captures the most knights is the winner.

Reference: Adapted from Nicole Goodwin-Weber, Canadian Intramural Recreation Association (CIRA) Bulletin.

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