Volleyball: Blocker & Spiker Recovery Drill

Volleyball: Blocker & Spiker Recovery Drill

Do your blockers make a great play, stop to admire their handiwork then find themselves unprepared for the next hit?

If so, try this drill. It will teach your players to quickly recover into "ready" position after a spike or block.

The drill uses five players and a coach. The coach and the passer each have a ball. A setter and spiker set up at the net on the same side as the passer. Two blockers set up on the opposite side of the net, in front of the coach.

The passer begins the drill by passing the ball to the setter. The setter passes the ball to the spiker, who spikes it over the net.

The two blockers intercept the spike. As they're making their block, the coach tosses his ball behind them. The blockers must immediately recover from their block in order to turn around and play the coaches ball.

This stimulates the quick recovery they will need if a spike bounces off their block or if the ball is tapped over them.

Adapting the Drill for Spikers
You can adapt this drill for spikers by having the coach move to the offensive side of the net. The coach tosses the ball behind the spiker after he makes his hit. This stimulates the recovery a spiker must make if the spike is blocked behind him.

Reference: Harlan Cohan (former United States women's Olympic coach), Power Volleyball Drills, Creative Sports Books.

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