Volleyball: Change Your Scoring System for More Passing

Volleyball: Change Your Scoring System for More Passing

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education Update.com

In beginners' volleyball games, the more aggressive, highly skilled players usually dominate the play, receiving the ball and immediately smacking it back over the net. Niceties such as teammates and passing are often ignored.

However, a simple variation in the scoring system of such games can solve this problem. This change becomes a competitive incentive that produces "cooperative game" behaviour.

Change Your Scoring System
Allow the serving team to score between one and three points, depending on the number of teammates who contact the ball before it's returned over the net.

For example, if a single player receives and returns the ball back over the net, only one point can be scored. If it's passed to another player then returned, two points can be scored. And if three players contact the ball before it's returned, three points can be scored.

Play the game to 35 points to take the additional scoring into account.

"Ball-hogs" are often the players who are most competitive, and they will quickly realize that they'll have to pass the ball if they want to win.

Reference: Dr. Charles Kuntzleman & Beth Kuntzleman, Fitness With Fun, (Published for the National Board of the YMCA & the YMCA Cardiovascular Health Program), Spring Arbor, MI: Arbor Press, 1978.

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