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Volleyball - Find the Hole Drill

Dick Moss

Find the Hole Drill — A Passes to B, then Runs to Touch the Service Line

Find the Hole Drill — A Passes to B, then Runs to Touch the Service Line

The Find the Hole drill is a fast-paced game that develops players' fitness, the ability to spot open areas on the opponents court and make defensive plays when off-balance and out of position. It's a great warmup drill.

Use a single ball on a smaller court, with the 10-foot line as the back boundary. The game can be played six-on-six, but more or fewer players can be used. Play as in a regular game, except for two things:

1. Only overhead sets can be used, even for serves.
2. After passing the ball, players must run to the serve line, touch it and return, before being eligible to touch the ball again.

Teams can pass the ball as many as three times per side, but the idea is to identify a hole in the opponent's defensive alignment, and when they occur, hit the ball to that "hole." With players constantly running back and forth to their end line, those holes will be constantly changing.

The game is fast and fun and it includes a great fitness component.

Reference: Dick Moss, Editor, PE Digest, December 2006.


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