Solo-Practice Serving Drill
Solo-Practice Serving Drill

Volleyball: Solo-Practice Serving Drill

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

You have a highly motivated player who wants to train in the morning or before team practices. But what can she do when she's all by herself?

Here's a solo drill that will improve her serving accuracy and also her speed and conditioning.

Setup and Execution
On a regular volleyball court with the net in place, have her place several "Xs" on the floor of one court using removable tape. If tape isn't available she can use other targets such as T-shirts, shoes or small pylons. She then places a number of balls at the opposite serving line.

Your player makes a serve, aiming for one of the targets. If she hits it, she immediately gets another attempt at another target. However if she misses, she must run across the floor and retrieve the ball before returning to the serve line for another attempt.

She continues until she has hit each of the targets.

Having to retrieve missed serves provides motivation for accuracy, and also adds an element of conditioning when serves are missed.

Reference: Hayley Merrett, "Three Drills to Enhance Your Volleyball Skills When Practicing by Yours." Ezine Articles, 2008.

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