Solo Setting Drill
Solo Setting Drill

Volleyball: Self-Practice Setting & Bumping Drills

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

You have a player who wants to improve her individual skills and has the time to practice on her own. But what can she do when there are no teammates or coaches to help out?

Here's a solo drill she can perform that will improve her setting accuracy, and ability to quickly get into position to receive passes so she can make an accurate set. A variation of the drill will improve her ability to bump the ball.

The Setting Drill
Using removable tape, have her place several target "X's" on the floor in random positions. The drill itself is simple. She sets the ball to one of the "Xs" then must quickly scoot over to that "X" in time to receive the ball and set it to another target.

This continues for several minutes or until the ball hits the floor.

It's a great way to get a large number of setting repetitions in a short period of time. And because she is in constant motion, it also acts as a conditioning drill.

Bump Drill Variation
You can use a variation of this drill to improve bumping ability. Toss the ball high in the air, then bump it high to another location on the court. Your player's job is to keep the ball in the air by bumping and diving, if necessary.

Reference: Hayley Merrett, "Three Drills to Enhance Your Volleyball Skills When Practicing by Yours." Ezine Articles, 2008.

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