Setter Hustle Drill
Setter Hustle Drill

Volleyball: Setter Hustle Drill

Dick Moss

Here's a way to really make your setters move, while reinforcing the need to make good sets even when rushed. It's also a fun way to improve your setters' fitness.

How to Play
Play five-on-five or six-on-five, with a point being awarded on every serve (Rally Score style). Continue the game until a team reaches a pre-determined number of points.

The important variation is that the setter plays for both teams. Once the ball changes possession (or is about to), the setter moves under the net and plays for the other team.

There is motivation for the setter to make accurate sets--the more good sets they make, the more quickly points will be scored and the sooner they'll get a rest.

If the play is moving slowly, or your setters aren't making fast and accurate serves, the coach can simply toss the ball in, instead of relying on players' serves.


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