Resources: Guide to Volleyball Basics eBook

Resources: Guide to Volleyball Basics eBook

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

If you're looking for a volleyball primer for the students in your volleyball unit, check out the eBook, Guide to Volleyball Basics. It was produced by USA Volleyball and is a free download on their website.

This 23-page eBook covers the history of volleyball; basic rules; volleyball variations (beach, wallyball, co-ed, etc); the fundamentals of the game; techniques; tactics; referee signals; and volleyball websites.

It would make an excellent - and free - textbook for physical education students.

You can download the eBook from the USA Volleyball website at:

Or download it immediately by clicking on this link:

Here's the Table of Contents:

  • Welcome to the Game of Volleyball
  • History of Volleyball
  • Evolution of USA Volleyball
  • The Olympic Pinnacle is Reached in 1964
  • The Court
  • Poles, Net & Standards
  • The Ball
  • Apparel
  • Volleyball Variations: Newcomb, Recreational, Four-a-Side, Wallyball, Doubles, Co-ed, Beach
  • Volleyball Fundamentals: Passing, Setting, Hitting, Serving
  • Individual Defense: Digging, Blocking
  • Rules of Volleyball
  • Referee's Signals
  • Basic Offense
  • Basic Defense
  • Volleyball Glossary
  • Game Situations
  • Volleyball Web Sites

Reference: Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education, July 2008.

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