Texas Snowman Relay
Texas Snowman Relay

Games: Texas Snowman Relay

Suzanne Bathe & Adrienne Wallace

Here's a holiday-themed relay for students who may never have built a snowman out of real snow.

For this activity, each team will need:

  • 2-3 different size hula hoops( the body & head of the snowman),
  • 2 wands or lummi sticks (arms),
  • 3 poly spots or frisbees (buttons),
  • 2 bean bags (eyes), a scarf or flag,
  • 1 small cone (nose).

Have the equipment for each team in front of that team or in a specified area.  Divide the class into teams and have them line up behind the starting line.

How to Play
On “go,” the first person runs to the equipment pile and picks up one piece of equipment, runs to the designated place to build the snowman and puts it in place.  They then return back to the line and tags the hand of the next person.  That person then takes their turn.

Players continue until all the equipment has been placed in place and the snowman is built.  You can use your imagination and add other equipment. The first team to build their snowman is the winning team.

Contributors: From Suzanne Bathe & Adrienne Wallace, presented at the 2009 Texas AHPERD Convention.

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