Games: Holiday Warmup Game

Games: Holiday Warmup Game

Suzanne Bathe & Adrienne Wallace

Here's a fun holiday-themed warmup you can use with your elementary-aged physical education students.

Students move around the room performing locomotor movements. The teacher calls out a holiday phrase and the students must act it out. Here are some sample phrases and movements:

  • Santa Claus: Hands out to make a big belly and say “HO HO HO”
  • Candy Cane: Make shape of candy cane with arms
  • Eating Milk and Cookies: Pretend to eat cookies and drink milk           
  • Snowflake: Frozen star               
  • Xmas Trees: Feet apart, hands touching over head
  • Hanging the Stocking: Jump up and pretend to hang the stocking on the mantel
  • 2 in a Sleigh: 2 students sit side-by-side on floor
  • 4 in a Sleigh: 2 sit side-by-side and 2 sit behind
  • Snow Angel: Make a snow angel on  the floor
  • Last Minute Shopping: Jog in place
  • Stroll the Mall: Power walking
  • Ice Skating: Hands behind back and skate
  • Mistletoe: Hug yourself
  • Reindeer: Fingers on head and prance
  • Elves: Palm out and fist hitting palm (Making toys)
  • Lights Out: Lie down and go to sleep
  • Blinking Lights: Jumping Jacks
  • Snowman: One sitting on floor, one behind them kneeling, one standing behind them
  • Wrap the Presents: Pretend to wrap presents

Contributors: From Suzanne Bathe & Adrienne Wallace, presented at the 2009 Texas AHPERD Convention.

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