Setup for Mukade Kyoso
Setup for Mukade Kyoso

Games: Mukade Kyoso - A Cooperative Physical Education Game from Japan

Mukade Kyoso is a cooperative contest that's often played a Japanese sports day, called an “undokai.” It's like a three-legged race except that it involves many more than three legs.

Mukade means “centipede” in Japanese and Kyoso means “to compete.”

How to Play
Divide your class into teams of six-to-eight students. Have the members of each team stand side-by-side with every second student facing the opposite direction.

Players attach their legs to those of their nearest teammate—as if they were preparing for a three-legged race. However,  except for the players on the ends, ?everyone will have both legs attached, not just a single leg. Because of this, moving requires a great deal of cooperation among the team members.

Teams then race each other down a race course that can be a straight-line route, or a slalom course.        

Reference: Gayle L. Horowitz, International Games: Building Skills Through Multicultural Play, Human Kinetics, 2009.

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