Bowling Pin Soccer
1: Stop-Pushing Line     2. Release Line

Bowling Pin Soccer
1: Stop-Pushing Line 2. Release Line

Games: Scooter Bowling

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Here's a fun variation of a traditional scooter activity.  Your students will love it!

 Divide your class into teams and give each team a scooter and playground ball. Use cones to indicate two lines: a “stop-pushing line” 30 feet away from the start; and a “release line” 15 feet farther on. Set up a group of bowling pins 20-30 feet past the release line. Place some tumbling mats behind the pins to act as crash pads.

How to Play
The first player on each team, the “shooter,” sits on a scooter, holding a playground ball. The second player, the “pusher,” stands behind that player.

On your signal, the pushers push the shooters down the floor. When they reach the first line, they must stop pushing. The shooters continue rolling to the “release line,” where they throw the ball at their pins. Pushing past the stop-push line or tossing past the release line is a foul, and nullifies that attempt.

A point is scored for every pin that is knocked down.

The two players then retrieve the ball, set the pins back up and return to their line. The pusher becomes the shooter, the shooter goes to the back of the line, and the next player in line becomes the new pusher.

The game continues for a period of time or until every player gets one or two attempts. The team with the most points wins.

Reference: Tony L. Larson, Scooter Games, Human Kinetics, 2010.

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