Games: The Create-a-Game Activity

Games: The Create-a-Game Activity

Dixie Iverson for PE

The Create-a-Game activity is a fun assignment for older elementary and middle school PE students. It's a great way to encourage creativity while promoting teamwork and group cooperation.

You'll need a variety of PE equipment, a large playing area, and a way to divide your class into working groups of 4 to 6 students.

You should allow about three class periods to complete the assignment.

Tell the students that their group is responsible for creating a new game using some of the equipment that you've provided. They should work together to invent a name for the game, all the rules that will be needed, and some safety tips.

On the third day, have each group explain their game to the whole class and spend some time playing it.

Reference: "Game Creativity in PE," National Association for Sport and Physical Education Forum, 3/26/08.

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