Bowling Pin Defender
Bowling Pin Defender

Games: Bowling Pin Defender

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

Bowling Pin Defender can be played by any students who have learned the basics of the overhand throw. For younger students just learning to throw, it's an excellent way to practice this skill.

It's a hectic game that will allow students at all skill levels to participate without feeling conspicuous.

Divide your students into two teams, establish a border line down the middle of the gym and place a team on each side of the gym.

Give each player a Nerf or yard ball and line up a number of plastic bowling pins or plastic soda bottles along the back of each team's area.

How to Play
Teams score by knocking down the their opposition's bowling pins with throws from their side of the court. Each pin knocked down equals one point.

All players are allowed to retrieve and throw any ball on their side of the court, but cannot cross the center line.

Players are allowed to block shots in order to protect their pins. However, they cannot stand in front of the pins - they must defend them while standing between the pins.

Play for a certain time period, until all the pins from one team are knocked down, or until a specific number of pins are knocked down (i.e. ten).

Reference: Peter Pasquarosa, "Bowling Pin Defender." The Great Activities Newspaper.

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