Games: Pin Ball

Games: Pin Ball

Pat Aitken

Here's a game that will improve your students' throwing, catching and blocking skills.

Space four cones across each end of the playing area, top each cone with a whiffle ball and place three sponge balls on the center line.  Form two equal teams and place each team at the opposite end of the play area.

The teams attempt to be the first to knock the other team's whiffle balls off the cones.  When the signal “Go” is given, players run to the center line and grab a sponge ball.  Without crossing the line they try to hit opposing players below the waist and/or knock their whiffle balls off the cones.


  1. One player may guard each whiffle ball.  Cones and whiffle balls that are hit should be removed from the playing area.
  2. Players who have been hit must stand or sit on the sidelines until either the player who hit them is hit, or a teammate catches a fly ball. 
  3. If players drop the ball, they are considered hit. 
  4. If players duck, the ball may hit them anywhere (not just below the waist); however, if a ball is headed for their face, they may block it without having to leave the playing area.

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