Noodle Bulldog
Noodle Bulldog

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Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Noodle Bulldog is a British Bulldog variation with two major differences:

  1. The Bulldogs must stay on the court lines in the middle of the gym;
  2. They use pool noodles to tag the students attempting to run past them.

Play in a gymnasium with lots of court lines. “Runners” stand on one side of the gym. Select one “Bulldog” for every four Runners and to place the Bulldogs in the center of the gym, each with a pool noodle.

How to Play
When a Bulldog shouts “Bulldog,” the Runners attempt to cross  to the other side of the gym without being tagged.

The Bulldogs attempt to tag  runners by tapping them below the waist with their pool noodle. However, the Bulldogs can only run on the gym lines. When a Bulldog tags a runner, they switch roles. Of course, no hard contact with the pool noodles is allowed.

The Bulldogs' restricted movement but extended reach is a nice variation and makes the game a lot of fun.

Reference: Canadian Intramural Recreation Association Of Ontario (CIRA Ontario), “Line'Em Up,” from “Everybody Move, 2nd Edition,” Human Kinetics, 2010.

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