Jingle the Bells Game
Jingle the Bells Game

Games: Jingle the Bells Frisbee Toss Game

Suzanne Bathe & Adrienne Wallace

Jingle the Bells is a Frisbee tossing game with a holiday theme.

For this activity you will need one hula hoop, two hoop holders, one bell on a ribbon, cones to mark the starting spots, and Frisbees for each team.

Divide the class into teams.  Give each team a Frisbee and a mark for them to stand behind (cone or poly spot). Have the last student in the line go behind the hoop to be the retriever.

Place a hoop vertically in hoop holders approximately 10-15 feet in front of each line.  Or suspend hoops from your basketball rims or nets. Using a ribbon, hang a bell from the top of each hoop so it becomes the bull's-eye inside the target (the hoop).

How to Play
The first student on each team throws their Frisbee at the hoop, trying to ring the bell.  If students ring the bell, they get a point for their team.  After they throw the Frisbee or bean bag (if you choose), they become the retriever, and the retriever goes to the end of the line.  Each child is a retriever after they have thrown at the bell.

The team with the most bell-rings wins the contest.

Contributors: From Suzanne Bathe & Adrienne Wallace, presented at the 2009 Texas AHPERD Convention.

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