Decorate a Tree Relay
Decorate a Tree Relay

Games: Decorate a Tree Relay

Suzanne Bathe & Adrienne Wallace

Decorate a Tree Relay is a fun activity for the holiday season.

For this activity you will need a variety of equipment— just what ever you want to use; scarves, lummi sticks, cones, balls, jump ropes etc as the tree ornaments, cones and hoops.

Line up your students in relay lines. One student per team is the tree and stands at the opposite end of gym from their team. All the equipment will be in a hoop at the front of their relay line.

How to Play
On your signal, the first person will take one piece of equipment (ornament) and do a locomotor movement to their tree and put it on the tree. I have my trees hold their arms out horizontally. If an ornaments falls off, they cannot put it back on.

When all the ornaments are on their tree, the game is over. Then we see how many ornaments were able to stay on the tree and (if you want) declare that team the winner Then change who is the tree.
Contributors: From Suzanne Bathe & Adrienne Wallace, presented at the 2009 Texas AHPERD Convention.

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