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Fitness - Seated Back Stretch for Long Trips
Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

A seated yoga stretch that will loosen the back during long trips.... keep reading..

Nutrition/Health - Nutrition Knowledge Alone is Not Enough
Dick Moss

Does better knowledge of healthy nutrition produce healthier body weights in school-aged children? No, according to a study at the University of Southern Missouri. The researchers found no signific... keep reading..

Equipment - Mouthguards Should be Replaced Regularly
Dick Moss

Mouthguards might require replacement within a year, or even less.... keep reading..

Resources - Free Flag Football Manual
Meghan Juuti

A free internet resource that outlines the basics of flag football and offers effective training and playing tips. Put this in your physical education office library.... keep reading..

Training-Room Tips: Throwers Should Avoid Icing Just Before They Perform
Meghan Juuti

Prolonged icing impairs proprioception and throwing accuracy and should be avoided immediately before throwing athletes perform... keep reading..

Coaching - How to Get More Specific Weather Forecasts
Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education Update

Do you need good weather for this afternoon's physical education class? Use the "hourly link" to get greater accuracy from the forecasts on keep reading..

Nutrition - How to Avoid Gas When Drinking Protein Shakes
Meghan Juuti

How to avoid the gas that some people experience when they drink protein shakes.... keep reading..

Equipment - Save Physical Education Money With Refurbished Strength & Fitness Equipment
Meghan Juuti

Buying refurbished strength and fitness equipment can cut your physical education equipment costs by 20-60%.... keep reading..

Health - Use a Microwave to Sterilize Dirty Sponges
Meghan Juuti

Instead of constantly throwing out smelly, bacteria-infested sponges, try sterilizing them in a microwave. How to SterilizeFirst, soak the sponges, then heat them in the microwave for two minutes at ... keep reading..

Nutrition: Slow Cooling Your Leftovers is Poor Practice
Meghan Juuti

Leftovers should not be allowed to cool on the kitchen counter before refrigerating... keep reading..

Overweight Children May Be More Susceptible to Foot Problems
Meghan Juuti

Foot pain may be a factor that prevents obese and overweight children from exercising in physical education class.... keep reading..

Icebreaker - Screamer Game
Dick Moss

Screamer is a fun way to reduce inhibitions and break down barriers between new students or teammates. And it's a good way for participants to relieve stress. How to Play Arrange your teammates in a ... keep reading..

Fitness: Forward Lunge-Crawl for the Hip Flexors
Dick Moss

A stretch for loosening tight hip flexors.... keep reading..

Strength - Exercise Ball Side Squats
Dick Moss

An exercise that improves the ability to make powerful lateral cuts when running... keep reading..

Games - Paper Race
Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education Update

An physical education activity in which students must run fast enough to keep a sheet of paper stuck against their chest.... keep reading..

Training-Room Tips: Over-Icing Increases Inflammation
Meghan Juuti

Icing for longer than 15-20 minutes can cause actually increase inflammation.... keep reading..

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