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Icebreaker - Screamer Game
Dick Moss

Screamer is a fun way to reduce inhibitions and break down barriers between new students or teammates. And it's a good way for participants to relieve stress. How to Play Arrange your teammates in a ... keep reading..

Fitness: Forward Lunge-Crawl for the Hip Flexors
Dick Moss

A stretch for loosening tight hip flexors.... keep reading..

Strength - Exercise Ball Side Squats
Dick Moss

An exercise that improves the ability to make powerful lateral cuts when running... keep reading..

Games - Paper Race
Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education Update

An physical education activity in which students must run fast enough to keep a sheet of paper stuck against their chest.... keep reading..

Training-Room Tips: Over-Icing Increases Inflammation
Meghan Juuti

Icing for longer than 15-20 minutes can cause actually increase inflammation.... keep reading..

Fitness: Post-Exercise Pulse Measurements Give Low Values
Dick Moss

Heart rates measured after exercise under-estimate the levels actually reached during exercise. Add 10 bpm for immediate measurements and 20 bpm if measured after a 15-second delay.... keep reading..

Resources: Print Your Own "Pause to Play" Posters
Dick Moss

A website with full-color activity posters you can print yourself.... keep reading..

Displaying Matches 369 thru 375 of 375 Found FIRSTBACK 

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