Icebreaker - Screamer Game

Icebreaker - Screamer Game

Dick Moss

Screamer is a fun way to reduce inhibitions and break down barriers between new students or teammates. And it's a good way for participants to relieve stress.

How to Play
Arrange your teammates in a circle. You will deliver two commands. One is "Heads Down." The other is "Heads Up."

On "Heads Down," everyone looks down. This is how you start the game. When you say "Heads up," everyone lifts their head and looks into the eyes of a teammate.

If the teammate they look at is looking at someone else, no problem. However, if the teammates are looking at each other, then they point at each other and scream.

These two players are then out. They leave the circle and observe the rest of the game. They won't be bored.

The game continues until only two players are left. They are the winners, but they finish with one final round and one final scream.

References: Screamer. First Steps Training and Development Website, 2006.


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