Soccer: Fortress Game

Soccer: Fortress Game

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Fortress is a fun soccer game in which the goal is to knock down the opponent's cones. The trick is that the more cones a team knocks down, the harder it is to hit the cones that remain. It's a good game for encouraging passing versus dribbling.

Place two to four teams on a small field, with a goal on the ends of the field. The goals are made from four to 10 cones lined up beside each other.

How to Play
Play a game of soccer, using one ball per game.  When a player knocks down an opponent's cone, that player places the cone on the end of their own goal. It's OK to knock down more than one cone at a time - they all get moved to their goal.  

As more of the opponent's cones are knocked down, their goal becomes smaller and harder to hit, and the winning team's goal becomes larger and easier to hit. So the game is self-equalizing as play continues.

Play for a period of time or until one team gets all the
opponent's cones.

Other Points

  • Cones can be knocked down from any direction.
  • The game encourages passing, because players who dribble too much will attract a crowd of defenders.
  • There is no out-of-bounds and play is continuous.
  • Don't allow players to constantly stand in front of their goal.
  • Having a teammate behind an opponent's goal is a good offensive tactic - they can instantly kick missed shots.

Reference: Richard Smith, “24 Economical Games for Soccer.”
Championship Productions. 2009.

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