Cut the Cup 3” from the Top. 
Invert it and Place the Ball On Top/center?
Cut the Cup 3” from the Top. Invert it
and Place the Ball On Top

Soccer: Homemade Kicking Tees Make Ball-Striking Easier for Beginners

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

It's easier to kick a soccer ball in the air than on the ground. This is particularly true for beginners, who often strike the ground with their toe in an attempt to contact the ball with their instep.

As a result, a kicking tee is a great teaching aid for beginners. It places the ball above the ground, making it easier to strike the ball without interference from the ground.

It's also useful for teaching experienced players to strike the ball with their weaker foot, to swerve the ball, or deliver high balls from corner or goal-kick situations.

How to Make a Kicking Tee
Kicking tees are easily and inexpensively made. Purchase some plastic cups and cut them three inches from the top. Flip the cup so the top, which is slightly wider, is on the ground, and place the ball on top of the cup.

As your players improve, you can continue cutting the cup and lowering the height of the tees. Eventually, the tees won't be needed at all.

Reference: Alan Hargreaves & Richard Bate, “Skills and Strategies for Coaching Soccer - 2nd Edition,” Human Kinetics Publishers, 2010.

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