Red Light, Green Light
Red Light, Green Light

Soccer: Red Light, Green Light

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"Red Light, Green Light" is based on a traditional playground game and works well for elementary school students. It will help them focus on technically sound dribbling that keeps the ball close to their feet.

You'll need a soccer ball for each participant in the game, some cones or other way to mark start and finish lines, and a playing area about 25 yards (metres) long.

How To Play
Four to ten players line up behind the starting line. The coach stands about 20 yards away at the finish line with his back to the group and calls, "Green Light." The players begin dribbling toward the coach while keeping their ball close to them. After a short time, the coach calls "Red Light," waits a few seconds and turns around.

Any player who is not completely stopped with his ball in front of him must go back and line up beside the player that is farthest from the coach. It's the players who have kicked the ball too far ahead who will be caught.

The first one to reach the coach wins the round. Youngsters will usually stay thoroughly engaged in this activity for about 15 minutes

To add variety, players may be instructed to dribble with only their right or left foot.

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