Soccer: The Numbers Game for Player Advantage Situations

Soccer: The Numbers Game for Player Advantage Situations

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

Soccer players must constantly adapt to situations in which either the attackers or defenders are outnumbered.

Here's a drill that will help your players adapt to such situations.

On a small-sided field with two goals, organize two equal teams, each with a goalkeeper and four or more players. The coach stands out of bounds at midfield with the ball, while the players from each team lineup in single file behind the respect and lines.

How to Play
Call out the number of players you want from each side, then throw the ball into the middle of the field. For example, "Blue team, four players! Red team, two players!"

The required number of players from each team run onto the field and play until a goal is scored, a time limit is reached (i.e. two minutes) or the ball goes out of bounds.

When this occurs the players must return to the end of their team's line. You then ?restart the game, calling for a different number of players.

Reference: Andy Roxburgh, as reported by Ray Kiddy, Coaching- Technique: Individual skills, Soccer Journal, November/December, 1988.

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