Soccer - Stop Passes from Flying Over the Receiver's Foot

Serena Jennings
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There are three things to check if the ball keeps bouncing over your players' foot while receiving passes.

1. Foot Height
How high is the players foot? If it's too low, the ball will bounce over it. Ideally, the foot should be halfway up the ball about five inches above the ground - when stopping a pass.

If this problem persists, players can practice by initially raising their foot higher than the ball, then lowering it to the correct height.

2. Point of Contact
What part of the foot are you players using to stop the ball? Using the toes or the ball of the foot is not ideal. A better technique is to receive the ball with the arch and heel. Then, if the ball hops over the foot, it will bounce into the leg, which acts as a "backstop."

3. Angle of Foot
What is the angle of the receiving foot? Allowing the foot to point downward lowers the height of the front part of its receiving surface. Instruct your players to pull their toes upward (dorsiflexed) so the foot is parallel to the ground when receiving the pass.

Reference: David and Kay Huddleston, Soccer Help.Com, 2006.

1. Lift Foot About 5”
1. Lift Foot About 5”
2. Receive With Arch
2. Receive With Arch
3. Don’t Point Toe
3. Don’t Point Toe


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