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Soccer: The Short Run-Up Penalty Kick Technique

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Here's a sneaky way to trick the goalkeeper on penalty kicks or free kicks. It's particularly effective if the keeper is known for moving forward to cut down the shooting angle.

In fact, this penalty shot tactic originated in the Italian league in response to goalkeepers who were often allowed to advance early during penalty shots.

The Technique
It's simple. Instead of placing the ball on the ground, taking time to compose yourself, aiming, and then taking the shot: speed up the process.

Place the ball on the ground, take two steps back, and immediately take a shot. The goalkeeper will have less chance to move forward, and in fact, may be caught entirely by surprise.

Just remember not to rush the shot so much that you forget to aim, to keep your head down, or to use good shooting technique. The element of surprise means nothing if you miss the net.

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