Soccer: Pass and Receive Game

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Soccer: Pass and Receive Game
The Pass and Receive game will teach passing, receiving and guarding skills. Since it features non-stop action, it's also great for fitness.

    Divide your students into equal teams of four to six and place two teams into 40 by 40 meter playing areas.  Use cones or flags to mark five mini-goals (1.5 meters/yards wide), placed randomly within each playing area.
    You'll need one soccer ball per game plus colored pinnies to differentiate the teams.

How to Play
    Throw or kick the ball onto the field to begin play.  Players score a point by kicking the ball along the ground through any of the five goals, to a teammate who receives and controls the pass.
    Teams can score through either side of any of the five goals and must defend every goal when their opponents have possession.  The team that scores the most points in a 20-30 minute game wins.

Other Rules

  • Players can't score more than once in a row on any goal—this prevents kicking the ball back and forth between partners.
  • Balls kicked out of bounds are put back into play with a throw-in.
  • Instruct the defensive team to use a one-on-one marking (defensive guarding) strategy.
  • Remember, for a score to count, the ball must be on the ground as it passes through the goal and a teammate must receive and control the ball.

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