Playing Around Pylons & Crossbars in Obstacle Soccer
Playing Around Pylons & Crossbars in Obstacle Soccer

Soccer: Obstacle Soccer Game

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Obstacle Soccer is a fun variation you can play in either practice or physical education class. It forces players to keep their head up when dribbling the ball, and adds an extra level of difficulty to those players who are attempting to move into open space to receive a pass.

Use a regular small-sided field with a net on either end. The ideal size would be a 40' x 30' playing area for a six-on-six game. Divide your class into two teams and use one ball.

On the field, place a number of obstacles such as cones, hurdles, football blocking dummies, boxes, or anything you can find in your equipment room.

How to Play
Play as in regular soccer. The one difference is that players must move around the obstacles and any time the ball contacts an obstacle, possession goes to the other team.

Add an extra ball or two to increase the action and confusion of the game.

Reference: Richard Smith, “24 Economical Games for Soccer.” ?Championship Productions. 2009.

Screenshot Photo courtesy of Championship Productions.

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