Soccer: Throw-In Lead-Up Game

Soccer: Throw-In Lead-Up Game

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

This dodgeball variation gives students practice in using the correct overhead throw-in technique for soccer. It also develops quickness and agility.

Divide your class into three equal teams. Then establish a playing zone of 40 meters (yards) x 20 meters, divided into two ten meter-wide end zones and a 20 m wide center zone.

Place one team into each zone and give both end-zone teams a ball (soccer, volleyball or playground ball).

How to Play
The object of the game is for the end zone teams to hit the center-zone players with a ball. Only correct overhead throw-in technique can be used and all contact by the ball must be below the waist.

The point is scored ever time a center player is hit below the waist, and the ball is returned to the thrower after a point is scored. To encourage correct throw-in form, deduct a team point every time a player uses an illegal throwing motion.

The task of the center players is to avoid being touched by a ball. Encourage them to use quick cuts and changes in direction and speed.

Play for a certain time period then rotate the position of the three teams. After all three teams have been in the middle, the squad with the highest score wins.

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