Soccer: The Ouch Game

Soccer: The "Ouch" Game

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

"Ouch" is a soccer lead-up game for primary school students. It teaches heads-up dribbling, passing and shooting skills. And it's highly motivating, because it gives them the chance to make their teacher say "Ouch!"

Set up a 20' x 30' grid using pylons. Adjust the size depending on the age and number of students. You can play with as few as two students and as many as twenty. Every student has a ball.

How to Play
The teacher jogs around the grid, while the students dribble their ball and kick it at the teacher. Any student who hits the teacher gets a point and is rewarded with a loud "Ouch," from the teacher.

Have students use both legs and different parts of the foot to kick the ball.

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