Games: Indoor Waterskiing

Games: Indoor Waterskiing

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

One way to survive the dark and dreary days of winter is to think of sunny summer activities…like waterskiing. Here's a way to bring your students' waterskiing fantasies to life in your gymnasium.

Divide your students into pairs and provide each pair with a rope and a towel. The indoor waterskiing concept is easy. One partner pulls one end of the rope, while the other partner, on the towel and holding the other end of the rope, gets towed.

How to Implement
Start with the “skiers” on their knees; then kneeling; then finally standing, making sure both partners get their chance to ski. Students either move in a straight line back and forth down the gym floor, or all in the same direction around the gym.

Safety is paramount, so make sure none of the “towers” gets wild with their skier, pulling too fast, coming too close to a wall or taking turns too sharply.

If you want to make a contest out of it, you could organize the pairs into teams and hold a waterskiing relay.
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