Games: The Make-a-Game Project

Games: The Make-a-Game Project

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Another day in PE class, and you have to come up with a game that your students haven't played yet. The pressure, the pressure…

Hold it, here's a way to take the games-decision heat off yourself: have your students not only select the games they want to play, but invent them too.

Make-a-Game Project
Divide your class into small groups and provide each group with a selection of sports equipment. For example, you could give one group a volleyball, a pylon and a scooter board.  Another group might receive a skipping rope, floor hockey stick and a plastic puck.

Your students' homework assignment is to invent their own game using some or all of the equipment you've provided. If they have a great idea that
requires other equipment, that's OK. Give them a week to invent their game and to record the rules.

After a week, each group takes a turn teaching their game to their fellow students (and you). Everyone then plays the game. After they've tested the game in real life, each group makes any changes on their rule list and hands the written rules in to you.

Yippee—New Games!
The great advantage to this activity is that you then have a selection of new games for next year—with the rules all recorded and ready to use.

Dick Moss (Editor), Physical Education Update, Winter 2011.

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