Basketball: Run, Stop & Shoot Drill for Unhurried Shots

Basketball: Run, Stop & Shoot Drill for Unhurried Shots

Pat Aitken

When players are moving quickly before taking a shot (i.e. while dribbling, getting open for a pass, etc.), they often continue to hurry while they shoot. This reduces

Instead, they need a change in mental set when they're shooting. They should switch mentally from “rush” to
“relax” so they can square up to the basket and aim their shot. Here's a drill that teaches this skill.

Setting Up
Line up your players at the top of the key, facing the basket. Place a ball on the floor in any shooting area.

The Drill

  1. When you say “go,” the first player runs hard to the ball, picks it up, then takes a relaxed, measured shot.
  2. The player gets his/her own rebound, returns the ball to its position under the basket, yells “go” to the next player and returns to the line.  
  3. The drill continues with each player taking a turn.


Run, Catch, Shoot Variation
For a change of pace, have the shooters sprint to the key, catch a pass, and then go up for an unhurried shot. 

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