Snake Catcher Dribbling Game
Snake Catcher Dribbling Game

Basketball: Snake Catcher Game

Pat Aitken for PE

Snake Catcher is a game that will improve your players' running, dodging and dribbling skills.

On a basketball court, form five teams of five players and give each team a number. Provide each player on Team One with a rope, and the players on the other teams a basketball.

How to Play
When you signal, Team One players run around the court, holding a rope loosely between thumb and forefinger.  The other players dribble their ball, trying to step on a rope and pull it free.  If they succeed, they get a point for their team.  After a rope has been pulled free, the Team One member picks it up and continues running.

Players who break the rules of dribbling (i.e. using two hands) must leave the game and complete ten chest passes before returning. If players are caught holding the rope too tightly, they lose five points from their team total.

After five minutes the points are totaled and other players become rope holders. The team with the highest score wins.

The game can also be played with smaller teams.

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