Basketball: And-Twos Passing & Transition Drill

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

"And-Twos" is a great drill for teaching quick passing skills while running the floor in transition.  The drill is a favourite of Pete Carrol's, former head coach at Princeton, currently assistant coach with the Sacramento Kings.

Five players line up, spread evenly along a baseline. Give a ball to the player on the right (“A”).

The rules of the drill are simple. Players run down the floor, staying in their lane. As they run, they pass the ball without dribbling. No pass can be made to a player in an adjacent lane. Once the group reaches the end of the court, the player with the ball makes a layup.

The group turns around and returns down the floor, passing the ball in a similar manner. Once back, the next group takes the floor.  Experienced, fit players can run the drill, using three groups of five, for up to eight or ten minutes.

If the layup is missed, if a player dribbles the ball or walks, or if a pass is missed or directed to an adjacent player, the group must do two extra repetitions as a penalty (hence the name “And Twos”).

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