Start of Inside Shooting Drill
Start of Inside Shooting Drill

Basketball: Inside Shooting Drill

Dick Moss, Editor

Defenders Keep Arms Up While Bumping the Shooter
Defenders Keep Arms Up While Bumping the Shooter
The Inside Shooting Drill simulates shooting the ball while being aggressively defended near the basket.


Two defenders stand in the lane near the hoop with a ball at their feet and their arms upraised. The shooter stands at the foul line facing them.

The shooter runs to the ball, lifts it to chin position, then powers upward to take a shot.

In the meantime, the defenders, keeping their arms upraised, bump and distract the shooter in an attempt to make him/her miss. They cannot jump, but can foul with their bodies and arms.

After the shot, the shooter runs back to the foul line and repeats twice more. The players then rotate positions until each athlete has had an attempt.

Be sure to remind your defenders they're fouling the shooter for drill purposes only and that it's not good defensive practice.

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