3-On-3 Rebounding Game  
(Shooters are in Green)
3-On-3 Rebounding Game
(Shooters are in Green)

Basketball: Three-On-Three Rebounding Game

Pat Aitken

Here's a game in which points are scored, not by shooting baskets, but by rebounding. It's a great way to develop an aggressive attitude in your rebounders.


  • Create four teams of three players each. Managers or extra players are shooters.
  • Team 1 starts as defensive rebounders against Team 2, the offensive rebounders.
  • Shooters start the drill by passing several times around the perimeter, then shooting. In the meantime, the offensive rebounders move around the key, attempting to get position on the defensive rebounders. When the shot goes up, everyone goes for the ball, with the defensive rebounders attempting to block out their check.

Points are scored several ways:

  • Defensive rebounders score one point for a rebound.
  • Offensive rebounders score one point for each rebound, and two points if they score off a rebound or get fouled in putting the ball up.

Defensive rebounders remain under the basket if they make the rebound or get fouled. However, if they lose the rebound, they move to the back of the line, the offensive rebounders become defensive rebounders, and there is a new team of offensive rebounders.


  • To keep all players moving, be sure your managers pass and fake the ball before shooting.
  • The offensive team should be moving constantly to take away the advantage of the inside position of the defensive rebounders. Defensive rebounders must move with their opponents to maintain their position advantage.               

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