Two-handed Dribbling
Two-handed Dribbling

Basketball: Use Two Balls for Better Dribbling

Dick Moss, Editor

When students are learning to dribble with their weak hand, you'll often hear the following comments: “It doesn't feel right!” or “It doesn't feel the same as with my good hand!”

And they're probably right. There usually is a difference in speed, height, angle and hand placement when dribbling with the weak hand.

Fortunately, there's a way to teach weak hand dribbling so your students can compare it with their good hand for instant corrections. Simply have them dribble two balls—one in each hand—simultaneously.

The brain most easily accomplishes the complicated task of two-hand dribbling by sending the same nervous system signals to both hands. And while two-hand dribbling takes extra concentration at first, you'll notice that your players' weak hand technique quickly  resembles that of their strong hand.

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