Sport Psychology: Icebreaker Activity - Truth, Truth, Lie

Sport Psychology: Icebreaker Activity - Truth, Truth, Lie

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education Update

This activity is a fun way for the students in your class, or the athletes on your team, to learn something about each other. It's a good icebreaker for people who are meeting for the first time. It's also effective for athletes who already know each other, as a way to improve team cohesion.

How to Play
Arrange everyone in a circle. The instructions are simple. In turn, each student states their name then makes three statements about themselves. Two must be true and one must be false. For example: "My name is Alicia. I take karate classes. I went skydiving last summer. I have two older brothers." (The older brothers statement is false).

Once the student is finished, the other students in the circle guess which statement was false. Anyone can speak up when guessing. That's it. Nobody wins or loses. The next student in the circle speaks and this continues until everyone has had a turn.

Your students will love inventing creative lies and trying to determine what is true and what is false. They'll learn a lot about each other, and sometimes the true statements will be more astounding than the false ones!

Reference: From an activity led by Nicole Dubuc at the 2006 training camp for the Laurentian University women's cross-country running team. Nicole Dubuc has a B.A. in sport psychology and is working on her mental training certification and a Masters in human development. She is the XC running team's sport psychology consultant.


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