Sport Psychology (Video)- Icebreakers: Peek-A-Who

Dick Moss

Peek-A-Who (aka the Blanket Name Game) is a great icebreaker for classes or teams that are just beginning their season. It's an excellent way to learn everyone's name.

How to Play
Divide your team into two groups. The groups can be random, or you can divide your squad into rookies versus vets.

Two coaches stand between the groups, holding a blanket. Everyone takes a turn in shouting out their name, then have two athletes (one from each group) sit facing each other, separated by the blanket.

Count out "One, two, three," and drop the blanket. The first athlete to shout out the others' name wins a point for his/her team. After every athlete has had a turn, the team with the most points wins the contest.

Video Demonstration
You can see this icebreaker demonstrated in the following video, explained by Nicole Dubuc and demonstrated by the Laurentian University women's cross-country running team at an introductory training camp.

Reference: Nicole Dubuc, Laurentian University Cross-Country Running training camp, September, 2007. PE Update, December, 2007. Nicole is working on her Masters in Sport Psychology at Laurentian University, in Sudbury, Ontario, and has been the track/cross-country team's sport psychology consultant for three years.


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