Sport Psychology - Toilet Paper Icebreaker

Sport Psychology - Toilet Paper Icebreaker

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education Update

Here's a fun icebreaker that will help your students or athletes get to know each other. It's a great way to develop team cohesion. And it works - the Laurentian University women's cross-country running team uses it in their training camp at the start of every season.

The Toilet Paper Icebreaker
Gather in a circle, and, as you pass around a roll of toilet paper, tell each athlete that they should tear off as many squares of paper as they think they will use in their next trip to the loo. Some will take a lot, some will take a little.

Once everyone has their paper, go around the circle, with each athlete divulging one item of personal information for each square of toilet paper they're holding. For example, Sue might tear off a square, then say, "I have two older brothers." Then another square, "I play the tuba." And another square, "I have a hamster named Igor." And so on, until she's out of paper.

It's great fun, you'll learn a lot about each other, and using the toilet paper is a silly prop, so it puts everyone immediately at ease.

Reference: Dick Moss, Editor, PE Digest/LSCAPE, December 2005. From an exercise lead by Nicole Dubuc at the Laurentian University XC running training camp, 2005. Nicole Dubuc was a student intern from Laurentian University's sport psychology program.


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